We have available a team of collectors to collect fruit. Giving the possibility of service to farmers or farm.
We have 10.000m2 covered with cold storage preservation.
We pack the fruit according to customer needs and destination of the goods.
We transport the product to the customer wherever you are.
Agricultural Services for Fruit:

- Advice and soil preparation.
- Suggestions on new varieties and orchard.
- Application of herbicides and pesticides.
- Service collection and transportation of fruit.
- Storage, handling and transport of fruit.
- Marketing of all varieties.
- Refrigerated transport to any destination.
Agricultural Services for Cereals:

- Advice and soil preparation.
- Custom fertilization programs.
- Application of fertilizers and pesticides.
- Direct seeding with simultaneous application of fertilizers.
- Harvesting machinery able to make yield maps.
- Technical assistance in planting dates, varieties, irrigation.